Frequently Asked Questions

Baumberger Endowment Scholarship Funds



How can I obtain an application for the Baumberger Endowment Scholarship competition? Can I complete my application online? Applications can only be obtained online December 1 - February 15.  For the link to our online portal, click Here.


What is the maximum dollar amount of a Baumberger Scholarship? The maximum stipend of an individual scholarship is determined annually by the Trustees. Scholarships are generated from interest and dividends of the principal of the Endowment and are affected by economic conditions. The amount for 2023-24 is $5,500 per year.


How long does a Baumberger Endowment scholarship last? Do I have to re-apply every year? The scholarship is renewable up to eight semesters as long as certain conditions are met (see Application Info Conditions). It is necessary to re-apply each year but the re-application process is quick and easy.


I am already a college student. Can I apply? No, unfortunately the scholarship competition is only open to high school seniors.


I reside in Bexar County and am home-schooled. Can I apply? No, unfortunately all applicants must be enrolled in an accredited (TEA) high school in Bexar County.


The application states that I must plan to attend a state-supported or non-denominational college or university within the State of Texas. Do you have a list of these schools? Click here for a List of Eligible Schools.


How can I make a donation to the Baumberger Endowment? Please contact us at if you are interested in helping to keep the funding going.


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